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MyHR Kohls Login: Kohl’s is a chain of a retail department store. It was initially started by Maxwell Kohl as a grocery store in 1927, he built his first supermarket name Kohl’s Food Stores in 1946 at Milwaukee. Kohl built his first department store Kohl’s Department Store in Brookfield, Wisconsin. In 1972 the British American Tobacco Company took interest in Kohl’s corporation, by 1986 company was taken over by a group of investors led by the senior management. Kohl’s began its first public journey on May 19, 1992.

The companies headquarters is located at Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, U. S. Kohl’s is operating 1,155 stores in 49 states. Kohl’s is well known for its environmental program and is remarked as the largest solar power user globally in the retail business. Kohl’s had secured the first position in Green Rankings by Newsweek magazine 2009 edition for effective use of solar energy in almost 78 stores. The company even took an initiative to sell reusable shopping bags from 2008.

There are around 138,000 employees serving for the company all over the nation. To help its part-time and full-time employees with work schedule, benefits and job-related alert company started with KOHL’S connection an online portal.  The Human Resource team of the company can be easily connected and communicated by MyHR option in the portal, which helps the employees to access the beneficiary plans and get solutions for there work-related problems.

MyHR Kohls Login

Registration to Kohl’s Online Portal

An employee of Kohl’s corporation will have access to Kohl’s Connection portal only after registration. Here steps are listed for registration :

myhr kohls

  • To register for Kohl’s Connection:official website
  • The link navigates the page to Kohl’s official website, Kohl’s Connection.
  • An employee is first required to fill the Job details and unit of the company he/she is working for
  • An employees contact information and employee should mention the mail ID of the company e-mail account
  • Click on Submit button
  • Access ID, Password, and login procedure will be mailed to registered mail ID.

How to login Kohl’s Connection

  • To log in to the Kohl’s connection select: official website
  • Enter the User ID and Password, sent to the employees registered mail ID after completing the registration process to Kohl’s Connect.
  • Click on login option

How to reset or retrieve the password

  • If an employee forgets or wishes to reset the Password or username, it could be done by selecting “Forgot your password?” or “Forgot your username?” option beneath the Login button
  • By selecting “Forgot your password?” portal is navigated to new clipboard wherein employee should enter the User ID, Last name, and First Name
  • Select Ok and follow the instructions on the webpage to finish the process successfully
  • If an employee has forgotten his/her Username, then select “Forgot your username?” option, there is a popup message asking to contact the Enterprise Operations Center at (262) 703-1515.

Procedure to access Kohl’s myHR

Kohl’s provide both its current and retired employees to access myHR to check there payroll status, retirement savings and life insurance plan.

  • To Login to the Kohl’s Connection select the  official website
  • If the user is a former employee then he/she should log in to kohl’s alumni which appear on the left side the official page
  • The current employee can log in by selecting myHR KOHL’S active associate’s option on top of Kohl’s alumni or by directly selecting the link given here – official website
  • To sign in, the worker must enter Username and password mailed to his/her mail after registration.
  • Click on Sign in

Once an employee login to the myHR portal of kohl’s he/she gets access to the various benefit plans offered by the company to its employees, Welfare benefit plans provided by the company include:-

Health and Insurance Benefits – Dental, Vision and Health Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, Temporary Disability Insurance, Long-term Disability Insurance and Life insurance, Health Savings Account (HSA), Supplemental Life Insurance, Flexible Spending Account (FSA) ;

Retirement and Financial Benefits – 401(k) retirement plan, Profit sharing, Defined Contribution Pension Plan, Performance Bonus;

Vacation and Time Off – Sick leave, Paid holidays, Bereavement leave Vacation & Paid Time Off ;

Family and parenting – Family medical leave, Petcare, Adoption assistance, Maternity & Parenting leave, Reduced or flexible hours, Childcare, Work from home ;

Perks and Discounts – Every employee gets 15% discount on all the products which can be added to any other in house discount, Legal assistance, Commuter Checks & assistance, Mobile phone discount, Gym membership, Company Social Events, Employee Assistance Program;

Professional Support – Job Training, Tuition Assistance, Professional Development.

14 thoughts to “MyHR Kohls Login – Kohl’s Connection Associate Login”

  1. I registered to get my W-2 forms and all I got for 30 minutes is processing come back later. I have tried to get back in to check for my forms and I have not been able.

  2. I need my 2017 w-2 and I am an alumni. I cant log on with my user and password which is 2719530 and Thomas12. I keep trying all the instructions and cant seem to get anywhere. Cant someone just email my w-2 or mail it to my home address. thanks, stella smith I worked at kohls in greenville nc on Galleria Drive
    store #1093

  3. I need to get my w-2 from 2017.I have tryed the web sight also the phone.Please mail them to me at Debra Gurwell 329 Appaloosa tr Chesapake VA 23323 Im alumni from store in viriniga Beach va store #650 my assocate ID# is 1338740

  4. I have been trying to get to benefits resources at after I do the alumni login and I cant find anything connected to that. I need to complete a form for rolling over my 401k into an existing Ira I have. Help!
    Being a former employee since january I can no longer log in to the regular associate sites to try and get where I need to go.

  5. I have been trying to talk to someone about my 401K since I have retired. I guess they want to keep it since I can’t get a reply on the phone, just the most atrocious music I have ever heard. I was on hold for a very LONGGG time.

  6. I have filled out an application, I was employed before with Kohls last year for the Christmas season. I received an email saying that you did receive my application. I did try and go on line todo he next step, but seem to have problems

  7. Kronos is the worst HR site ever. Can never login, always indicates errors, how are we expected to operate from home, or mobile. Did not work all weekend, and now, Monday morning either! I need to change my password!!!
    I tried on the register and no luck since Thursday!!!!

  8. I have been trying to get a letter of my termination from Kohl’s for my husband’s health insurance company. After logging into, there is no option to obtain this form. What phone number do I call to obtain this required letter? My old store of employment cannot do this for me because it has to be on company letterhead which they do not have in store.

  9. same results as with the other people. im trying to get my 2017 w-2 form and my password or user id is not being accepted. please mail them to me at 5555 spring valley rd. Dallas,Tx 75254

  10. Half the time when I try to log onto, the system is down for maintenance. But it won’t tell you that from the start. After making multiple tries, thinking there is something wrong with my computer, I try to reset my password. That’s when I find out about the system’s continuous maintenance project, aka: limited access.

  11. I forgot to enroll in a Delta Dental insurance program for next year. I believe that there is a PPO plan for around $37.00 in my area. Can I still enroll for January 1, 2019? If not when? Thank you for your help.

  12. I’m trying to get ahold of someone regarding my w2 form shows with holding of 33 cents on my federal something is not right I need someone to get back with me asap.

  13. I am trying to get my 2018 W2 I do not have my associate ID. I have emailed and tried to call multiple times and still no repley

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